16 Jul 2009

Yay... my very own blog!

Well, I've been threatening to do it for ages & here it is! My very own blog! :-) Who the heck will ever want to read it is beyond me, but it's here anyway.

Mostly, the point of this is to be able to get my lists of Magical Properties of Woods and other lists relevant to magic, Witchcraft and trees published so anyone can access them. Up till now they've only been available on my store pages on eBay, but since I closed that in protest at the ridiculously expensive changes made by that illustrious site, my precious lists have been languishing unread in the dark. More irritating even than that, there are folks on the aforementioned auction site actually SELLING similar lists! I firmly believe that knowledge is for sharing and wisdom, although not easy to come by, should at least be free. Financially free at any rate. So my lists will be here for all to use, free, gratis and for nothing, although they ARE copyrighted to me so I expect credit for them if anyone puts them on their own website or blog. I don't mind anyone doing this, but legally you need my permission first, so please have the courtesy to ask!

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