8 Sep 2009

"I'm a Firewalker!"

I've just done something totally awesome... I've signed up to do a firewalk! :-)

It's planned to take place on Saturday the 21st of November, in a town not too far from where I live. The event is to raise awareness and much needed funds for a charity that deals with the victims of domestic violence and abuse.

As it happens, firewalking for such a cause is immensely appropriate. Here's the Indian legend of the woman who performed the very first firewalk:

There was once a woman named Draupadi. Over time Draupadi had 5 husbands, each one of which abused her and her story is one of suffering and disgrace, humiliation and agony. But she took everything in her stride and remained a good wife. One of Draupadi’s husbands, Yudhisthira, pledged her like chattels in a game of dice with his cousin, Duryodhana. After this, Duryodhana ordered Draupadi to be dragged by her hair to the royal court and to be disrobed before the people there assembled. Draupadi cried out to Lord Krishna, who protected her honour by giving her a sari that could never be fully unravelled. When he heard of this, Yudhishthira accused Draupadi of infidelity with Lord Krishna, so to prove her innocence and fidelity she walked barefoot over hot coals and with Lord Krishna’s help, emerged unscathed.

We're hoping Lord Krishna will show the same care and compassion to us as He did to Draupadi, and enable us to help lots more victims of domestic abuse.

I'm really looking forward to it. It's a fantastic way to raise money for a very worthy cause, as well as a brilliant opportunity for me to take part in a fabulous and potentially life-changing experience. I'm sure that after completing a challenge like that nothing else will ever look quite so daunting as it did before.

Apart from trying to get everyone I come across in the next few weeks to make a donation, there's nothing I can really do to prepare for the firewalk until the day it happens.

I'll let you know how it goes... there might even be photos!

You can donate too, if you really want to! Here's a link to go straight to the donation page, where payment can be accepted via any credit/debit card regardless of where you live: www.sponsor-me.org/firewalktotnes The payments are set at 10 GBP (but it's changeable) which is roughly 16.50 USD, and the site displays a running total of how much money has been raised so far. Otherwise, you can send me the money via PayPal to: mazedasastoat@acorntaxi.fsnet.co.uk & I'll add the amount to the site in your name (unless you'd like to remain anonymous, in which case just let me know) Either way, you'll get an official receipt from the firewalk sponsorship site so you know the money hasn't gone astray. Please be as generous as you can.

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  1. Thanks for incl. the story, Kate. I had no idea! :o) I hope that your pledging goes well. Do you think you could incl. the link here?

    May Aset protect you in your efforts!


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